Arrived in Amsterdam

Well, I have arrived !

It takes a few minutes (or more) to get your bearings after a transatlantic flight. I am glad I bought the “Optimum Plus” option, it saved me a huge line up at check-in, fast tracked me through security, gave me a cute little bottle of Prosecco (CM what have you started?), two more free drinks and a blanket, neck pillow and eye mask, and my luggage was off first! The flight was fine, smooth sailing until Greenland, which has bumpy air, but the bumps were short lived. A very amazingly cool wind turbine field off shore from The Netherlands. I could not get a picture as my camera was in my bag and the bag was under the seat, and why do they have to make everything so tight? 🙂

Snagged this one from the 'net

Found my BnB. Charmingly small and 3rd floor Dutch with steep curving stairs (that suitcase fortunately only has to go down now!) our host has a flat full tonight and he has left for Germany!

Kind of strange to be sharing a flat with 3 other strangers ( who all seem nice). Wandered out for a bite and to find some shampoo. Had a wonderful dinner on the side of a bridge over a canal and with a very nice Dutch (I think) beer…yes beer! Wandered back and fell asleep – what time is anyway?

Tomorrow I will likely be up at the crack of dawn. Hmmm. Canal tour, rent a bike?




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