Day 4 – September 8

Okay, first off let's get these titles cleared up. You should see me counting off the days to find where I am. Going fine so far but when I reach 11 it could get messy if I am distracted. ( ooh what is that sitting on my journal – see! To easy) Since the blog has “32 Days” in it, I shall henceforth use the number in the title. Phew, glad we took care of that since I am betting some you were bothered by this as well (No? Well that is a bit concerning!)

Amsterdamians (Amsterdammers ?) like to start late on Saturday morning! This completely contravenes my perception of Northern Europeans (it was my Danish father who may have led me astray, so I will be checking this carefully in Copenhagen). I set out shortly after 9 this morning and found peace and quiet

So serene!
Decided to wander the Jordaan area, find a market perhaps? Well it was a lovely long stroll, with few people, bikes or cars about. Found some beautiful little spots, okay lots of them, and peeked in unopened store fronts. Didn't find the market, but found Liedesplein, a now VERY busy square. Trams that take up the entire width of the narrow street. Buskers of all sorts and apparently all the people who are now up and looking for brunch! So I joined in at a restaurant under the trees. An Irish Pub restaurant, so I had an Irish breakfast which is pretty much a Canadian breakfast with beans added (Ryan, I thought of you!) and a cute coffee. How can't coffee be cute? Look:
Little cup of coffee goodness !
Caught Tram 10 to Alexanderplein and strolled down a wide street, over a bridge, past the zoo – destination Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam. This botanical Garden is small, but was opened in 1638 and has a huge diversity of plants, including a West Coast Redwood brought over by the Dutch India Trading Company in the 1800s! And that is when my camera went dead, because you are SUPPOSED to charge it once in awhile. No worries, whip out the iPhone, yup, have 3G turned off, so it hasn't updated and there is no memory available! On a happy note, this made draw, so you get to see my art journal as well:
Sometimes it is good to be without a camera.
Visited a couple of other places today as well: Rembrandtsplein, huge statue of Rembrandt, lots of grass and people taking in the sun, one guy in a woman's sailor dress that no one flinched at – although it wasn't pretty – and a bunch of restaurants, bars and coffeehouses. Then off to a huge flea market, but found nothing interest, although the bikes looked hot (and by hot I mean stolen – according to the canal boat captain, they say if your bike is stolen you can pick it up here for a few Euros ;))
Decided on a quiet night, cuz I didn't get much sleep last night (my internal clock may be on Tahiti time). I brought home dinner, bought some super glue and am catching up on my journal , which needs things stuck into it!
Dag (goodbye)






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