Day 5

Today, being Sunday, I gave myself a bit of extra time before heading out. Packed up, made sure I had everything, and locked the door on my way out. Remember what I said about the stairs… Here is the picture to prove it

And that is just one flight…there are 3 of these

I am happy to report that I went down the stairs backwards, bringing my bag down every couple of steps. It was hot work, but no mishaps! Probably looked funny, but there was no one around.

Caught the tram to Centraal Amsterdam station and found the luggage lock up. Very slick and VERY appreciated! Wandered off to find some breakfast. Lovely little spot in the old town

Notice the wee tiny shops built in the spaces between the buttresses of the church? Every space is valuable here!
Decided to find the flower market, so headed off to find a tram but found Dam Square ( not 'the Damn Square') and realized that massive impressive building in the square is the Royal Palace and, look, I can go in (see, easily distracted). Very ornate and impressive – if you like over the top ornate. Found a clock which I think would be stunning (read this as ornate and over the top and totally inappropriate) on our mantel
But it depicts Diana, goddess of the hunt, so kind of perfect!
Escaped and made my way to the famous flower market, but missed a stop, so made up for yesterday with this picture (distracted again!)

Flower Market. Well…it was a bit of a let down! Here is best picture:

Now before you ooh & ahh, these are wooden tulips! Not a lot of other flowers, mostly bulbs and souvenir kitsch



It was time to head back to the station. No direct train today from Centraal to airport. Ergo, this now involved a more circuitous route. But I made it and now have safely made it to Copenhaen and my BnB.




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