Day 6


Last night, upon my arrival, I found out that Copenhagen (and perhaps all of Denmark) smells like bacon. Ditte has graciously explained that what I am smelling is a favorite late night snack “sausage wagon” (oh the jokes I could make at the expense of men, but I won't ). There just happened to be one of these establishments right beside the luggage carousel. No customs, no immigration. Wow!! The EU folks are all about trust!

I had a lovely sleep in her lovely apartment, with lovely high ceilings, and was awokened by a lovely morning light! Think that is too many lovelies? Check this out

The street is a lovely mix of residential with businesses on the bottom floor (and sometimes basement). There is a pretty courtyard in the back. Bikes and children's toys are safely stored behind locked gates into the courtyard. Danes love their bikes too and it is the favored mode of transport.

Ditte took me on a walking tour of her city. She pointed out many of the sites, translated Danish signs, and was completely charming and funny when I asked her who this staue was and she said she just called it the “horse statue, but it was probably a king so therefore a Frederik or Christian” (she has since Googled it and can confirm it is Frederik VII who gave the people the parliament).

We decided to take a canal tour, which Ditte had never done before (reminds me that I really need to float down the channel – but next summer!) The tour was quite long and took us around the harbors and back thru the canal. We learned a few things. The Danes used Swedish prisoners to dig out Nyhavn (“new harbour” but the oldest house there was built in 1681 – so new is a very relative term)



We went over to Christianshavn which was planned based on the King's love of Amsterdam, and built around 1617. It is now the 'elite' spot so our guide couldn't use her microphone! It was a lovely tour which made us hungry.

Lunch was smorgasbord – mine was a fish frikadella (sorry Ditte, I know the spelling is off, but this is phonetic English). I had no idea that frikadella could be made of fish!! (for those of you who do not know of frikadella, I am sorry and hopefully one day you will be at my house when I make it)

Yes that is beer and Ditte. And not the last beer of the day either!

It was a lovely lunch. We wandered around the pedestrian streets for a while longer, stopped for some iced coffe, which had no ice in it until Ditte went and retrieved some, and found a store where I could get a map and booklet on Copenhagen.

Ditte has tried to help my Danish along. – which is valiant of her, since the only Danish I knew coming here was 'I love you', which although sweet, may not have made a good first impression on Ditte. So she has been carefully sounding out words and encouraging me. But 'sounding out' is a being a bit generous – Danes tend to swallow most of the letters, so the sound is kind of there but not. Take the word 'red' spelt 'rod' (with that funny little o with the / thru it)'. Pronounced 'rruurthd' but pretend like you don't want to move your lips or say the word, but you have to make a sound from deep in your throat. This is a dilemma for someone who loves word, when she cannot pronounce or swallownounced as the case may be! I may need wine or beer to make this work better! Thank you Ditte, for continuing to be supportive and helpful

Me, at LEGO store with big LEGO dude. See picture on the wall behind me? All done in LEGO! Amazing.

We walked back to her apartment. Crossing the bridge over one of the three lakes that surround part of the inner city, I saw swans, but few people out on the water. Apparently the Danes dont have the same affinity for the water as other cultures, which strikes me as odd. We stopped to peek into a few of the antique stores on her road. Then it was time for a beer tasting!

A small brewery just a few steps down the road (handy or scary, I am not sure) We get a 'flight of beers' to try. A wheat beer, a malt beer, a brown ale and a porter! All so diffrent!

Ditte explains it best: this is not simply drinking it is an education!!

Skol and Good night from Denmark!



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