Day 7

Good morning Copenhagen! Although when I first awoke there was a bit of brightness in the sky, it quickly turned dark, overcast and decidedly wet! Once the rain let up, I left to do a bit of wandering. It was a light drizzle, so my hooded jacket was a very good item to pack. And please note, it does not appear that Copenhageners get up at 5:00 am any more! Not sure if things have significantly changed or if Dad was just a morning person who wanted us up with him!

Headed over the bridge and decided to walk towards Tivoli. Tivoli is a fair ground which opened its gates in 1843. It is located in the heart of Copenhagen, the city growing around it over the 169 years. There are rides, restaurants, gardens, theater and music events held there.


Firstly I found a place to eat and have a coffee and look at my map. Copenhagen seems larger and more metropolitan than Amsterdam. Most streets seem wider and there is a lot more car traffic, but still lots of bikes.


It was starting rain a little harder , so I pulled out my umbrella and carried on towards my destination

I noticed right away that there were many large green parks in this part of the city and school children were heading thru gates into cobbled centre courts! No bland, carbon copy school buildings here!

The canopy of trees was a welcome respite from what was becoming a pretty good rain.

It wasn't cold, but my feet were getting wetter as I tried to miss puddles, watch for other walkers and bike riders.


My sense of direction and map worked out well, because I cam upon Tivoli in short order.


The grey background does not do this justice! Before entering I decided to cross the steet and visit the visitor information centre. A very large centre, with lots of info, brochures, inter active computer terminals and friendly staff (but take a number please) according to Ditte, Danes do not like to jump queues! Wait your turn in a civilized manner please!

I was able to buy a Copenhagen Pass there which gives me free admission to museums, Tivoli and many other things. Plus it covers all of my use of the transit system.


Back across to Tivoli where I presented my card and walked through the gates. I have to say that knowing my Dad had been here before brought some emotion welling up. This was mimicked by the sky suddenly opening in a full on downpour!!

So I snapped a few pictures and decided I would return the next day, but in the evening so I could see it all lit up.

Here are a few pictures




The Peacock Theater where daily pantomimes are held ( tomorrow's show at 7 pm)

Location of the Nimb restaurant.










A beautiful water garden. The rain was coming down so hard I decided to leave and return tomorrow. I found a shop to buy some postcards, found a post office to buy some stamps, and found my way to the nearest Metro station. Hopped on for the one station stop, and got lost upon my arrival !! My sense of direction kicked in and with my map was able to find a familiar street. When I got back, Ditte's children had arrived! So adorable. Amanda is about 4 and she talks to me I perfect Danish, so I nod and smile or look concerned depending on her facial expressions. Maxmilo is a beautiful little boy whi is about 1 1/2. We played. I then made our version of frikadella for them and it appears they were a hit with the kids!

Once the kids were down to bed, Ditte suggested wine. Note that when a Danish host feeds you wine she is quite happy to keep pouring. I think we drank 3 bottles (Ditte has confirmed this number). We talked until much much too late (early actually), played a little 'where is my phone, if I call it can we follow the buzz?' (note, it was NOT my phone we were searching for, but it was a funny game and the kids had strategically placed within the books on the bookshelf) and showing excellent judgement, decided to go to bed around 4! Poor Ditte is going to be up early with her kids!

So this is why my post is late and I have not yet moved out of bed and it is 9:40 am 🙂

But the sun is shining again today, I have plans to see the Little Mermaid and my camera is charged. All is good in my world!



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