Day 10

Goodbye Copenhagen. 😦

I can't believe my time is over already. A big thank you to Ditte, whose hospitality was so warm, right from the very start. It was like meeting the Danish friend that I didn't know I had! She and her children presented me with a gift that I added to my 'talisman necklace'.


Watching her get ready to take the kids to their 'school', I was amazed by the resourcefulness. Lunches packed, rain gear on, boots, keys, phone (ha ha ha), down the stairs, load up the bike and they are off!

I left the flat and crossed the bridge the last time, noticing the emblems. The day is rainy and blustery. The lake all rippled, and the skies bruised purple and blue. Perhaps Copenhagen is sad to see me leave?





One last picture of the farmers market (daily!)





And the metro station at Nørreport.







I make my way to the airport and fly to my next country, Belgium. My arrival at Brussels still surprises me …get off plane (walk what seemed like 3 or 4 miles) pick up luggage, leave station. No customs or immigration ! No smell of bacon either!

The airport and attached train station are a little under explained! So I had to ask multiple times for assistance, which was always given with a smile.

Caught the train (with help – and a nice man offered to help me get my bag on the train!) Caught the metro, again with directions. Found my disembarkation and located my next bed n' breakfast. No one was home! So thankful for my iPhone! Francois rushed back, made up my room and gave me my keys! I am here in Brussels and the next adventure starts – tomorrow, tonight I rest!



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