Day 8 (Part II)

Tivoli at night!

Tivoli opened in 1843. Its size is unchanged, however it's location from the edge of town has changed now that the city has expanded all around it.

At night more than 110,000 lamps are spread around the garden. There are beautiful walkways, meandering paths, music stages, restaurants, water fountains, amusement rides, shops, arcades, and even a lake with a pirate boat!



The main stage, the Peacock stage, holds nighly pantomimes with lively music, and rambunctious performers. The scenery are simple backdrops, but there are a number of them! It is all very quaintly, simple and low tech, and is probably much as it was in the 1800s except for the lighting.

Even mid week there are many folks out in the evening here and it looks like it is a gathering place for young teens, who are having fun on the roller coaster and other rides (me, I am not a ride girl)!






The Glass House is a concert venue











The carousel is all wild animals and includes giraffes, elephants and a camel. It wasn't running when I was there or I would have taken a ride for sure!





Lights reflecting in the lake. The 'loop' is the roller coaster. There is a Chinese pagoda, and some other 'rides of fear' lit up on the left side of the picture.

very pretty 'water bowl' garden. There were about 20 of these set into a path, with benches and hanging lights.












A close up detail of some of the hanging lamps. Night photography is so difficult. The color of the bulbs goes from red at the top, to orange in the middle and yellow at the bottom. All the hanging baskets of flowers were magnificent and all the gardens beautiful.

Good night from Tivoli



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