Day 9

After a late night at Tivoli, I awoke this morning to another blue sky day. My last full day in Copenhagen 😦

There is so much I haven't seen or done, yet it has been a very wonderful time mostly because of Ditte and her efforts to make me feel so welcome!


Off to the Rundetaarn “Round Tower”. Built between 1637 and 1642. It was commissioned as part of the attached church, library and observatory.


The tower encases a spiral ramp that leads up to almost the top.




They say the curvature of the spiral is how tight a horse drawn wagon/carriage can turn! I remember my dad talking about leading a horse up this as a prank!

At the top of the spiral ramp is a set of stairs that leads to a vestibule and from there narrow spiral staircase to the top.










The views are magnificent!!

There is a auditorium attached And they hold concerts there and have art displays. There is an original privy that you can see, even sit if you like (but don't use it – there ae newer toilets just a 'coil' below!)

The lighting in the building is so wonderful with the windows set apart every few meters. I think I shall try a study in 'what is not white, but we see as white' in watercolour medium .

I head over to Rosenborg Have, the gardens that were laid out for the Royal Family when they resided at Rosenborg Slot. It is a huge public garden with expanses of lawn, statuary everywhere, a children's playground, wide avenues with benches under trees. There is also a formal rose garden.




Rosenborg Slot (palace) was designed by the king and built in 1606 – 1634. Three generations of kings lived here until a new palace was built in 1710. Around 1838 it became open to the public and by 1860 it had become a full museum and repository of various royal collections, including the regalia, thrones and jewels.


The museum is set up so as you progress thru the rooms you move thru the royalty in chronological order and the displays start with Christian IV (1597-1648) through to Frederik VII (1828-1863)

The rooms are full of paintings, arnate furniture, tile work, and clocks…a lot of clocks! They had an indoor toilet all tiled in Delft tiles. There is one room that is all mirrored – walls, ceiling and even part of the floor. The irons are ancient and so it has that soft grey fuzzy look.




Mirrored room.













The “Family Jewels” No they didn't let me try it on, but that is okay because I don't really think it is my style anyways… A bit ostentatious!

There were a lot of items in the museum and treasury. Each had a number, but if you wanted a description you had to buy a guidebook. Suffice it to say it was a lot of ornate, old, beautiful, and some weird stuff!



I walked a bit and caught the Metro over to Christianhavn and from there wandered down a few streets to the “free city of Christiania” no pictures are allowed inside its gates. This is an alternate life commune of sorts. There is definitely commerce happening. Lots of dogs running about freely, people drinking and smoking, tourists wandering around. Music playing and stalls selling various wares. Overall it was a bit disappointing in that the mantra was for peace love harmony, free rent and free air, but the inhabitants have allowed it to be polluted with garbage lying about, so although the rents might be free, the air has a certain odor. It seems very gimmicky. This picture is taken from across the street to the entrance which is actually a high school!


I met up with a friend of Carol W's, Barbara. She took me out of downtown Copenhagen up to Skovshoved (not pronounced like you think it will be. Ditte has explained that it means 'head of the woods'). We went down to the harbor and had a lovely Sushi dinner. It was nice to see outside of the downtown area!

Upon Barbara retuning me to my digs on Ravnsborggade, I spent the evening resting my leg, chatting with Ditte, a few glasses of wine and some genealogy research. Ditte was amazing and found where my Farmor (literally father mother) was probably born or lived as a child!!

Another great day in Denmark!



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