Day 13

I love Bruge or Brugge or Brugges – because it is spelled all of these ways. No I don't love it because the Belgians can't figure out one way to spell city names, I love it because, well frankly, the first thing I saw leaving the train station was a FOUNTAIN that was working! And then another and even a third!

Just one of the fountains. This one had spectacular whimsical sculptures as well. Perhaps Brugge has used up all the fountain allotment for Belgium, leaving poor Brussels with nothing?

My trip to Brugge was uneventful. I was glad to have done it because it has prepared me for my train trip to Paris. I kind of know what to expect,mbut did it without luggage!

The day was a bit overcast. I hadn't eaten so by the time I arrived it was lunchtime so I found a little place, ot in the big touristy centre, but still with lots of charm and ordered up some lunch while I reviewed my tiny inadequate map.

Lunch was lovely, Flemish stew, fries and a beer. A good local beer called Zot.


A beautiful set of canals is in the centre of Brugge. The only boats allowed on it are the tour boats.

I took a canal tour to see the sights. It was a nice trip and although the clouds were heavy and dark at it Ed we didn't get rained on.

Intersesting history given by tour operator. It was common for all the stone houses to be painted oxblood red, a color that was apparently obtained by added cow blood to their paint… So red is still a favourite colour here, although most are now natural brick.

The oldest bridge dates from 1630s and has apparently never needed repair.

Brugge is the most preserved medieval town, largely because it was not bombed during the wars.

The hospital (what was once the hospital until 35 years ago) is approximately 600 years old! It is on one of the canals and there are steps down to the water and big gates.

About 20,000 live inside the old town of Brugge.


Belgians are proud of their beer. This place claimed to have all 1150 Belgian beers available and displayed them on this huge wall. Each beer is displayed withits appropriate glass! Stephanie had suggested I try the Delirium beer – but I decided not to, I don't want to ruin my new found appreciation with something that is the beer equivalent of Akavit (look it up if you don't know 🙂 )

That is a lot of beer!




The sky was darkening. I found a place to have an espresso and waffle (my first!) and it was good!

There are a couple of streets which really are a cobbled version of Robson St in Vancouver. All swanky upscale stores and no shortage of customers.

The plazas and small streets were beautiful, with spires of churches peeking out no matter where you turned.

I took so many pictures, but am limited to what I can load here.

I needed to call it a day, so I head out of the old town and back on a train to Brussels.

I really much prefer Brugge!




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