Day 14

Today, Tuesday, September 18th, I did nothing. I woke up a lot more sore from the little accident. Found bruises I didn't realize I had yesterday and my throat is all scratchy and sore. I took this as a sign to stay in bed. Which I pretty much did, until I wanted soup. So I got up, got dressed and went out looking for the “zuphermaarkhet” that François had mentioned in passing upon my arrival. I found it, but as with everything Belgian, I had to ask for help :). The supermarket is in the basement of a building that looks like a car park, but has the word “casino” on it…so I guess it is reasonable that I missed it. I actually found it by following a lady with one of those going to market rolling type bags…it worked.

I found “Cup 'o Soup” , tea, a wee bottle of wine (for medicinal purposes – I didn't get sick when I was drinking regularly with Ditte!) and a bit of cheese (Brugge cheese )

Along the way back I went into a patisserie and bought a tiny loaf of bread (for the cheese) a little tart (because it was beautiful) and a croissant for breakfast tomorrow.

Journaled a bit and watched a movie on my iPad. Slept some more. And pretty much rested the day away.

Here are a few pictures from previous days and cities that I didn't get to post:


Yeah, one guess, which city! This is constantly covered in tourists. And I found two of them. One at the airport and one in front of the Rijksmuseuum (the one in the picture here)




Another shot of a canal in Amsterdam. This one had swans floating by and there is one in the distance.











The coolest downspouts ever!!! Copenhagen of course! I mean what is better than having your rain funneled off your roof by wolves?? ( yeah, they probably look like barfing wolves when it rains but WOW). And not just one downspout, a whole bunch of them!










LEGO mice eating LEGO cheese at the LEGO store. What was a surprise was that I didn't notice the cat until I downloaded the picture. LEGO store was pretty cool. I didn't buy any tho :(. They had a lot of little dioramas like this.






I talked to my host François tonight. I asked him why there was little or no water in the Brussels fountains. He said they probably forgot to turn on or fill up (he was laughing). Then I said that all the fountains were working and beautiful in Brugges and he laughed and said it is because they are more Flemish there and worry about these things! Brussels is more French. Here your language can also be an indicator of your politics and even social standing…hmmmm. You have to pick if your child goes to a Flemish school or a French school. My host speaks very little Dutch.

Tomorrow I will go to Antwerp. Now I am going to have a little wine – to clear up the throat and congestion of course!

Bonne nuit (spell check keeps wanting to change nuit to nudity!!)



4 thoughts on “Day 14

  1. I don’t know how you did this, Diana, but I actually miss you! And even though I perceive myself as pretty cool, I really do admire you! I think you have many talents, but by now I’m sure one of them is traveling (it’s not the same to LIKE to travel and have TALENT for it!).
    The trick with following a lady with a rollerbag is pure agent! And perhaps that’s where the connection derive from – the ‘agent’ part in both our jobs 😉
    In that way I’m sad to say my inquiry about Thyra didn’t work, so if you get any additional information, PLEASE send it my way, so I have a chance to restore my authority 🙂
    Oh, and I’ll go through my files to fine the name of a VERY nice bar in Antwerp – where I drank 30 years old danish beer, and didn’t have to spit it out! (it mostly tasted like port wine)… But it’s world famous and still small and local, and it has a great guestbook – with my name among many, many others 🙂
    Big hugs – also from the kids – and from me, Ditte

  2. Does that wolf have a wolf girlfriend standing behind her holding her hair back? Diana you DO have a talent for travel, and for sharing your excellent adventure. I’m so glad you’re doing this. Thoroughly enjoying traveling along with you through your blog. xo

    • Thank you. I think that these wolves are guys, so no one is holding back their hair. Girl wolves like to barf in private, with assistance from their best friends!
      Having a magnificent time. Enjoying the comments!

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