Day 16 (half way mark)

Well I am typing on the train. I don't think I will have any pictures today 😦

When I woke up, I changed my adapter from my iPad to my camera, plugged it and set about getting ready. Last packing, getting dressed, cup of green tree. What to wear? What is train wear? Well it is limited to what is in my bag, so pretty much what I wear everywhere. Am really looking forward to some time to wear my bathing suit in Nice!

I was ready pretty quickly and decided to just leave. Grabbed the camera and noted that the green light was not on or blinking! Must be done. Last sweep of the room, nothing left behind.

I made my way to the metro station and was pleasantly surprised how many offers of assistance with my one bag (again, the knee brace seems to do that)! Uneventful trip to the Gard-Midi or Zuidstaation. With lots of time to spare, I had a breakfast of quiche and coffee, read some of my current book (Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson – great, funny, irreverent, rude, and slightly crazed – and causes one to laugh aloud, garnering strange stares)!

I pulled out my camera to check it out, but it won't even start!!! Will have to investigate it in Paris 😦

Killed some more time by painting a picture of Tivoli, but it is not finished yet so I will not show you.

Ah! I will take a picture with my iPad.

Found my train, found my coach, found my window seat! Yay a place to plug in! It says I have wifi but I don't really.

Sitting in my seat, happily getting ready to leave, the train starts to fill. Suddenly a man is dropping his brief case in the seat next to me. I smile, he says bonjour, I reply, he mutters in French and I gather he is going to take the seat in front of me. But then a lady appears and says it is her seat and he suggests she take his, she said she is traveling with her husband so no, the man then a asks me to move up to the aisle seat, I tell him I would prefer to keep my window. Well, he gets all huffy, moves to another sear behind me, as he is wanting a window seat so he can hang his massive suit bag (hey, put it with the luggage dude) on the window hooks. The train is full, so is sitting beside me fuming and his suit bag is hung in front of him and swinging towards me with the rocking train! I can see out the window anyways! It would appear that huffy man is a radiologist or some such thing and is reading a patient's file which is in perfect English so I expect he may know that I think he is a huffy puffy self important little man! Hah! I hope he is reading this! Ooh…he has placed some of his important papers in such a way to stop the swinging.

We are facing backwards on the train and can only see where are hurtling from, kinda like life isn't it? It also makes for very crappy pictures, so no pics. It looks much like Langley, but without the mountains in the background, and the houses are brick and have those more pointy roofs. There are cows and sheep. There is no indication of when we pass from Belgium to France…unless it was that alarm, which no one seemed alarmed about. (note – when you are traveling it is good to take your cues from the indigenous folk)

Gare du Nord is a big station and very busy, but I found a tourist info, a WC .70 € ( it costs more to pee in Paris than Brussels) and the Metro. 3 escalators, only one worked! I had so many offers of assistance! Parisians are very nice!

Found my place and the lady was waiting for me. It has an elevator!! Which I would like to say is kinda not a big deal, but it is 5 floors up, and the stairs, although beautiful and wider than anything I have had to deal with thus far… Gimme that elevator!!

Went out and found a few supplies. Look

Can you see that! The juice is 1.30 € more! And this wasn't the cheapest bottle ( of wine)!

Well my camera is appearing to be charging. Fingers crossed. Sacré Cœur Basilica is just up the street, and that is where I am heading tomorrow and who knows where else. I will settle in with my maps and books and figure out what to see and do!

Good night from Montmartre 🙂



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