Day 17 (part 1)


This is Sacré Cœur and it is just a few blocks from where I am staying.

My little studio is on the edge of the Montmartre area of Paris, famous for artist long ago, now for restaurants and quirky shops.

The studio apartment is tiny, one room, with a tiny anteroom for a bathroom. It is going to seem smaller when David gets here! It is functional, and kind of cutely quaint, with it's view of the rooftops of Paris. I like to think it is living as a Parisian would (kind of, if they didn't have to work, and spent their day touring around)

The Basilica is up a whole bunch of steps, or you can ride the funicular trolley – I took the trolley.

The view is spectacular. Notice that tall building in the distance? My first real view of it. 🙂

No photos allowed inside. It is bright, white and not as quiet as they would like it, but then why put in those machines that make a “medallion” out of your coin? Poor planning!

Left there and wandered around a couple of corners until I found one of those trolley trains. Took the ride thru the bumpy,cobbled, narrow streets of Montmarte. I left it at the Moulin Rouge, which opens later and shows start at 100€ each and you have to share a table and that doesn't include food.

I stopped for lunch. My first meal out. I ordered one of the specials, onion soup and steak tartare. The soup was good, not baked like we always presume. Now steak tartare is raw minced steak, with an egg broken on top. I knew this going in, it is a delicacy. What I didn't expect was to get about 1/2 pound (250 ish grams Ditte ;)) of raw meat!

It was delish, I didn't finish it all! Unlike what we know as French cuisine” (those pretty miniature food stuffs), the servings here are huge! Okay, based on one place, so will need to do further research (tough but someone has to do it)..

I could have posted a picture of Notre Dame here, cuz that is where I went next. Look it up on the Internet, or watch the Disney movie…instead here is a picture of the gargoyles and grotesques….actually these appear to be mostly grotesques! Really folks! That is what they are called. Love 'em!

Notre Dame was very busy. It is a dark foreboding place, with a heavy stillness and some beautiful windows. Pictures are allowed, but with no flash, so hard to get good clear pics ( I got a few – but you get grotesques!)

Okay, you can have this one. It is the pipe organ with the front Rosette window in the background. Rather impressive.

As big as these basilica are, they are still smaller than the Agia Sophia in Istanbul!

It was a rainy day today (forecasted, not as a result of any impudence from me!!)

I wandered down to the Pont Nouf, a rather well known bridge…


Please see Part 2…



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