Day 17 (Part 2)

Where was I? Right, wandering along the Pont Neuf. Started by one king in 1578 and completed by another in 1608. Why do they give credit of the building to the kings? Sure they funded it, but built!?

Pretty views, despite the rain. Standing here you see the tour boats (and barges) moving along the Seine River. The traffic is interesting, lots of cars and motorcycles, busses, some bikes and lots of scooters. Everyone honks!


Crossing the bridge I could see the Louvre museum (do you need to put the word 'museum' behind 'Louvre' ? Seems redundant)

Again, I could have posted rainy pictures of the Louvre, but I am going there tomorrow.

Instead, in homage to my previous post with the barfing wolf downspout, here is Paris' answer! Bah, Copenhagen wins hands down!

I am sure I can't explain what this even looks like, so I will leave it up to your fertile imaginations (sometimes it is better to not lead people to conclusions…we call that 'Art'). And these are installed on the Louvre, so ergo Art!


On the garden front and fountains (yes, I have become a bit preoccupied with finding working fountains), Paris is way ahead of Brussels.

The beautiful (even in the rain) Jardin des Tuileries!

I walked through this park on my way to the metro station.

I counted at least 4 fountains, 2 lakes, statuary, chairs that would have been great to lounge on in the sun, cafés, and gorgous gardens!


In the distance you can just see the Arc de Triomphe.


Ah, a nice, albeit wet day! Now back to my little pied-a-terre ( who knows if I spelled that right?) for a glass of Rosé!



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