Day 19

Well I had a Louvrely day, Louvred every minute of it, but my legs are not Louvring me right now! Can you guess where I went?

This is actually a picture taken at the end of my day – hence the squinty look!

If you are going to go the Louvre, be prepared! You queue (about 25 minutes – had a lovely chat with a couple from Lincoln, England) to get in the door. Your bags are scanned, you head down the escalators, and queue to buy tickets, about another 20 minutes depending on the people in front of you being able to handle the automated ticket machines.

Grab a map and pick which side to start on ( there are technically 3 buildings – somewhat connected by stair cases, galleries and halls)

My fav? Cour Marly and Cour Puget! They are inner courtyards that are roofed in glass. The statuary was rescued from the gardens at Marly and from Versaille and other areas. It is just a pretty bright space with great statues.

There are a lot of statutes, and a lot of art and a lot of people.

Entrance fee is only 11€! Food inside is expensive (4€ for a diet coke, but the caffeine was sooo needed)

There are a lot of stairs! A lot!

This was probably one of the most unusual pieces. Each of the pallbearers carries a different shield, denoting a variety of areas or orders of knights, and each of them has a different face carved under their hoods!

Ancient people liked to carve marble, alabaster, granite etc to commemorate their dead! Most of these crypt tops included an animal at their feet. The men of noble heritage often had lions, the women most often had dogs.



The Mona Lisa is small, and is set directly opposite a HUGE painting. It is crowded and you cannot get close enough or really look for very long.

The Venus de Milo looks like her pictures too. Again she is roped off and there are big crowds. Some old lady pushed past me. I accidentally jostled her arm while she was taking a picture (my bad) 👿

So instead I will share this top of a column in one of the halls! Moose heads! I love the architecture, which sometimes gets overlooked. Other columns had horses, fox, swans, lions, bears!

This is just one hall full of Ruebens. Apparently these were commissioned for the palace at Versailles! Big canvasses!

I saw lots of other greats too: Rembrandt, da Vinci, Botticelli, Pisano, Raphael, Vermeer and loads of others! Painting overload…you get to a point where you walk into another grand room, scan it and walk thru!

I even got to visit the brand new Islamic Arts exhibition which opened yesterday!

Lots of beautiful things, including a marvelous pitcher carved from a single piece of clear rock crystal!

It was a full day. I was there about 6 hours. I did NOT see everything!

The metro brings me back close to my place. There are a number of local restaurants. I decided to treat myself to a proper dinner – Duck Confit. OMG so good! (Robert, you have to make this for us at home!!)

A nice day!

Tomorrow my sweetie arrives!!! (yes, that is my husband! )



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