Day 20

Hello all! Today my husband arrived!! ( no jokes will be made here, he reads this too!).

I left a little early to meet him at the airport, which resulted in me waiting at the airport for 2 hours… Better early than late.

So few pics, but I took some time to journal. I have been struggling with journalling, since I also blog and it often feels redundant. During a Skype ( gotta love Skype!) conversation with my mum, she pointed out that perhaps I should just draw and let the word come after (if necessary) Mums are so smart! So while waiting today I just drew pictures..using my memories and downloaded pics of the places I have been. :).


Was a great way to pass the time. By the time David arrived, the skies had started to clear and what had started as a rainy day, was quickly turning into a beautiful one.

Obviously the picture of the Little Mermaid is not mine!!

After a post jet lag nap (for the Mr Bushby) we trekked up to Sacré Cœur.

This is the back of the basilica. We had a lovely dinner and briefly talked to a set of couples from Boston…. All things Bruins was briefly discussed!

We wandered about the streets and made our way through a few pub stops along the way!

Stopped and picked up necessities at the local market: beer, wine, cheese, bread!

David's first impression of Paris: Bistros and brassieries everywhere! Beer is more expensive than wine( what???) and chicks like to wear boots here.




The sun setting on one of the busy streets near the Moulin Rouge!


Am very glad to have David here with me!!!

Tomorrow we will take a tour bus in order to cram as much “Romantic Paris” as is possible into 48 hours!




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