Day 21

It rained all night….David awoke and heard the noise and wondered if we had mice…but it was rain (French rain must sound like Okanagan mice)

We got tickets for two days on one of those hop on/hop off buses!

It was a cold, very blustery day, but we toughed it out and rode only on the open top so we could get the best views!

We did stop at the Louvre. It's closed Tuesdays, but David got to take in the massiveness of it and the wander through part of the garden.

We also hopped off at Notre Dame. David was going to climb the stairs to the top of the belfry and get me a close up of the gargoyles! Alas, the line up was very long and we had other places to see.

A nice picture of Notre Dame from the other side of the river.


We wandered along the Seine river for a few blocks and hopped back on the bus when it came by. One thing I hadn't noticed taking the metro, is the traffic! We both agreed that driving around here would be insane!

The bus took us by very many amazing buildings. The size, statuary, carvings, motifs and gilding is over the top!

It all starts to get a little “oh look, there is another massive catherdral, with a lot of statuary and gilding”!





We walked along the Champs Élysées. It really wasn't “sitting and sipping wine along the avenue” kind of weather 😦


But it was fun to amble up the avenue, use the underground tunnel and visiting the Arc du Triomphe! Again, big lines to go to the top of the arch. We decided to save ourselves for…



The Eiffel Tower!

It was a long wait to get tickets, but we decided to go up and go up to the top!

More long waits, into the elevator to the first level and then another long queue to the second level. The wait on the first level was bitterly windy and cold. Was very happy to have David to use as my windbreak and warmth provider!

The views going up were amazing. This is the kind of elevator trip that lets you know if you don't like heights! I don't mind heights, so it was all good.

At the top there is an enclosed area with windows all around… But there are a few more stairs up to the final accessible deck, out in the open and able to see for miles across the huge city of Paris. And the wind…always the wind today!

It was a great day. We picked up dinner and brought it back to the apartment. A few glasses of rosé, all is very well with the world!



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