Day 22

Our last full day in Paris.

It threatened rain, and after a very chilly day yesterday, we bundled up and set out. Our first stop was a quick visit to the cemetery Pėre Lachaise. David found it to be surprising, the amount of decay, and how nature was running rampant over some areas.

The weather started to clear up and blue skies appeared! We caught the metro and met up with our bus, which carried us to a point where we could catch the Battobus…a water bus that runs up the River Seine. I think this was the bluest the skies ever got, even the Seine looks blue.

The Batobus stops at 8 spots. We took it from the furthest south spot and disembarked at the northern point (or is that east and west?)

The views were very nice. The boat goes under numerous bridges. This picture captures about 4 of them in a row.

It was a pleasant way to travel. At every stop some of the people changed, getting off and on.

The approach to the Eiffel Tower was magnificent and we got lots of pictures.

One bridge is famous for being covered in locks!

We wandered thru the park that sits below the Eiffel Tower and found a place to have lunch – sitting on the sidewalk, taking in the sun!

But then it all changed! The clouds rolled in and the wind picked up.

We stopped at the Musée de L'armée…a museum dedicated to the wars that France has been involved in. It is a huge complex, with displays of ancient armour (think the Knights) to the World Wars. It was a very good museum with loads of artifacts and movie footage! We could have spent longer in there.

When we emerged, we found a deluge! Raining so hard, enormous lakes formed along the roads! There was a huge rainbow. We waited a bit for it to let up, but decided to brave it and made our way across the mini lakes to our bus stop. Once aboard we decided to brave the open top! All was good until it started pouring again. Two umbrellas close together, does not ensure you are not going to get drenched! It was fun!

We got off the 'bus of rain' and found a metro station and made our way back to our digs.

Wet, but still happy!

Time for some wine and dinner!!

Packing up and catching the train south (hopefully to better weather) to Nice tomorrow!



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