Day 23

Today is a travel day – we are off to Nice.

A big discussion, take a taxi to the station – and bypass multiple metro stops and the stairs that go with it? We both decide on yes! We get outside, and although it is windy, it isn't raining!

One last stop for my favourite scones and homemade jam and the biggest cup of Americano coffee we have found in the city. So good, must remind myself to NEVER buy jam again! (unless it is someone else's homemade jam, then that will work too!)

Of course today is the only day, in a full week in Paris, that we cannot find a taxi! Fearing we are going to be late (ha!) we descend into the metro system. David was a prince, hauling both of our suitcases up and down. The metro is efficient, you never wait more than 6 minutes for a subway train. Despite having to make 2 station stops, locate the local RER inter urban train from one station to the next, and find our way to Gare du Lyon, we arrive with over an hour to spare! The metro was probably the fastest way!

Train stations in Europe are hubs of activity. So much travel is done by train. Our train was delayed by almost 20 minutes…. So we had a long wait at the station. But on a happy note, we were safely inside when the rain started again!

On the train and found our seats. The train car was full. Once the train gets going it is traveling at speeds over 200 km/hr! I found it is hard to take pictures going that fast! You would turn to grab your camera and look up and the vista was gone. Here are a few I did get


See, blurry!

The countryside started to take on a sunnier aspect and reminded us a bit of southern california, but with older settlements!



Beer, wine and snacky foods are available in one of the train cars. Train wine was great! Beer was cold! Everyone is happy.

It is hard to to not drift off to asleep as the train rocks back and forth. I think we each slept a bit!

We started to close into more populated spots and the train slowed.











Our first view of the Mediterranean sea!

This is on the approach to Cannes.






We stopped in Cannes, Antibes (which looks wonderful) and then in Nice!

As with all things 'new city' it takes a bit to get ones bearings. Ask a couple of people along the way and we found ourselves at the charming studio apartment we will call home for the next 4 days!

Our greeter was a nice young lady who doesn't speak French, as she is recently arrived from Portugal. So my Spanish came in handy!


We wandered the pedestrian walkways below our studio and found a place for dinner (sea bass complete with fish head)

It was a great meal, with fantastic wine.

I did find out that my iPad has limited storage capacity and over 1500 pictures taken thus far has filled that capacity! A bit of a clean up and I got these few pics loaded so that I can share them!

Tomorrow I may copy all the pics to a disk and free up some space!



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