Day 24

Our first full day in Nice.

Walked down along the promenade. The weather was warm, but windy. The beach lies about 10 steps down from the walkway above. The beach is all rocks, but smooth. Difficult to walk on, but there were people out sunning, lying 'on the rocks'

David stepped into the,water and said it was refreshing.

I still am impressed by the colour! The deep indigo of the deep water gives way to this beautiful aqua as it becomes more shallow.

Perhaps David will swim (I am unlikely to brave the stoney beach without my brace)

We hopped on one of the little tour trams and it chugged us up the hill that overlooks the city. This is where the old fortifications were. It is a beautiful park now with spectacular views!

It was an interesting little tour. We also took the local tram to the furthest point and jumped back on the returning one. Stopping at one of the squares we wandered down to the port. Lots of beautiful boats. The walkway around the port took us back to the promenade.



This is a bicycle rental station. We think we have it figured out and are going to rent a couple of bikes one morning while we are here.



A picture of one of the massive 'squares' you find in Nice.

This is Place Massena, close to our apartment. Notice the figures on the tops of poles? I didn't until they were lit up at night with changing colours. Will have to get a night picture of them.






True to his promise….

David is drinking his first glass of French wine, while sitting at a patio cafe!

Could this be the start of something new??

(I doubt it! My guy is a beer guy thru and thru). But I give him full credit. After his first statement 'let's get it done', he seemed to somewhat enjoy it and actually ordered a 2nd glass (1/2 of which was given to me)



2 thoughts on “Day 24

  1. Now…. this is a great photo of David!!!! …. and I am sure it has all got to do with the wine…
    Yea David …. good for you – I am lovin it.

  2. Dad.. I will make sure there is a bottle of wine for you when you get home…
    (Mom, now that Dad is such a wine snob, we should really invest in a cellar).

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