Day 25

Wow! One week left! The time has flown by quickly.

We took the 1€ bus from Nice to Monaco! It is about 45 minutes, crowded but such a great deal! We even got seats!

It was hard to take pics along the way there as I had to reach past the young man sitting in the window seat. This one turned out okay. There are a lot of little communities tucked into the bays along the coastline. Part of the drive takes you thru various tunnels as well.

It was hot on the bus, but we finally arrived, found a map and started to wander



The famous Monte Carlo Casino. It is set at the bottom of the hill, with a beautiful garden leading down to it. There are fountains and sculptures and beautiful flowers and plants.

As you can see the clouds had now rolled in and it became very humid.

We wandered a bit further and found a place for lunch – just in time! The sky was wracked with lightening and thunder pealed around the mountains. The heavens opened and it POURED!



While we were eating David decided to take my picture – apparently I cannot keep my eyes open if there is a flash on…3 times he tried, this is the least offensive pic!

Lunch was a bit disappointing, I just assumed that Monaco would have fabulous French food too!

But it gave us a place to hide from the rain and a wine/beer to drink. (no, David did not have wine today)

We were able to look over the map and decide our plans.


Take the wrong bus! Oops, oh well it was a bit of a tour. We did make our way to the Palace of Prince Albert II. A beautiful spot, high on a hill, with pretty views and a very nice court yard. Apparently the Prince was in, but I didn't get an audience.

All of Monaco is squished into a small area. The population is 32,000 ( just like Penticton, but the similarity ends there). It is hugely successful with no personal income tax, no unemployment and a high standard of living. Perhaps we should have a principality of Penticton? I could do the Princess role! (yay castle, boats, minions!) I would be a benevolent and fun princess for sure!

We decided to do another tour tram!

It took us through the oldest part of town, along the casino area and even onto part of the Monaco Grand Prix road (which is just a road, through town, with lots of winding curves, a tunnel and some spectacular scenery)

This is a very vertical city. These are the views from each side of the plaza in front of the palace


The oldest part of town. This is one of the streets up around the palace.

Monaco is very very clean and their parks are beautiful. We saw no graffiti here (which is unusual in Europe thus far)

Apparently the Prince takes security very seriously and there is about one police officer for every 6 citizens! About 48,000 workers travel to Monaco everyday from France and Italy!

We found our way back and got a seat on the return bus – because we went and caught the bus at an earlier stop… By the time we left Monaco for Nice, it was standing room only on the bus,

A fun day.

Dinner, a few glasses of wine. Ahhhh 🙂



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