Day 26

Our last day in Nice. It has been nice (hahaha) but time to move on.

Early this morning (5 am) a hellacious thunderstorm hit Nice. It was enough to wake the dead – or in this case 'the Bushbys”. It crashed and boomed and rained for hours.

The sun was shining, so we had some breakfast and decided to rent some bicycles. Note to anyone going to use this velobleu system: bring a pen to write down the code or have an incredible memory (and that is yet another useful reason to have David here!) once we got it figured out we took our bikes for a tour.

This is what I would have looked like, except more Diana than David, if I had thought to ask him to capture my brief biking moments! Biking did not agree with the knee, so after 22 minutes,I returned the bike. David biked all along the coastline for over an hour.

I went shopping! Found cute shoes for 5€, a new pair of sunglasses and some earrings.

We met up, had a drink and decided to head to a sandy portion of the beach.

Once down the boardwalk, down the stairs and across the rocks,it was great to sit, take off the shoes and the brace and relax.

The waves do not come in with a long slow roll. They are shorter and a bit are tumbley (not an actual word, but it describes it perfectly).

I am not going in the water, although it would have been nice, the rocks, strong waves are not a good fit for the knee.

And besides, I swam in the Mediterranean in Greece last year!





David enjoyed his swim, although he said the rocks were a bit rough on the feet. Swimming shoes would be good here.

Love the color of the water!





There was a nice breeze, and the sun was making it warm. All day long the horizon had been threatening another storm. Although it clouded over from time to time it stayed nice.







I did go to the edge of the water and catch a few waves on my feet.

The water is not warm! I am more impressed with how much time David spent in it!






The beautiful Bay of Angels.

We headed back to our room, freshened up and went for dinner. Had a fabulous seafood paella and some lovely Rosé du Provance (and beer for David)

Stayed out and watched golf and chatted with a lovely couple from Kent. She said what David and I had been thinking, that Nice seemed very Italian !

It was a good stay in Nice! Tomorrow we go to Berlin!



One thought on “Day 26

  1. Ahh France looks lovely. I will have to go and check it out myself I guess…. Enjoy Berlin (another area you have treaded before your daughter!!). Check your What’s App too…!!

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