Day 27

Travel day.

We awoke to more rain. It is still warm despite the rain, semi tropical almost.

Since it was a pack up, get bus, get plane, find bus, find metro, find hotel kinda day,I have no pictures. I will therefore post one of the 1600+ other pictures from my trip. 🙂


The sunset on my first night in Amsterdam!

For our last meal in France today, David was a great sport and we went to a restaurant that was serving Sauté du canard (sautéed duck). Was very nice! Strangely enough this restaurant may be the only one in all of Nice that didn't serve pizza (what David was hoping for)!




Beautiful Stork Fountain in Copenhagen (and on a beautiful September day!)

We caught our bus to the airport in Nice. Fortunately the rain had stopped, so the waiting wasn't difficult. Our bus driver seemed to lack some skills. Never before have a been on such a herky-jerky ride. This is when good wheels on your luggage is a disadvantage. Again, so happy to have David as my pack mule! He did a great job corralling the two big bags, and keeping his footing!









Really cool tower/spire on what is now the stock exchange building in Copenhagen. The story is that the king (Christian or Frederik ….Ditte may know?) wanted three alligator tails spiraled up, the builder didn't know what an alligator looked like so did dragons instead. (like he had ever seen one of those!) anyways, very cool spire.


At the airport in Nice we had plenty of time. Had the strongest americano coffee ever! So may be up all night!

The flight was uneventful. The descent over Berlin was long and it looks like there are a lot of trees everywhere !


I like this picture of the Eiffel Tower thru the trees.


Our hotel in Berlin is the Circus Hotel. It's hip, clean, uncluttered. The staff are friendly and laid back. It was highly rated on Trip Advisor. It is nice to be in a hotel for a change! Good sized shower, real bed, no weird staircases or temperamental lifts!

Tomorrow we explore Berlin!









One thought on “Day 27

  1. all these pics are awesome!!! Had me laughing about the dragon tails on Copenhagen Stock Exchange Building. Oh ye of little faith – how do you know for sure he didn’t see a dragon before lol lol lol lol xoxoxoxoxoxo Mum

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