Day 28

Well what a day in Berlin!

We went looking for a hop on/off tour, and when we didn't find it easily, we hopped on tram and took ourselves to Hohenschoenhausen. This was the restricted area in East Berlin, where the Stasi secret police had their prison and detention centre. It is a large area, encompassing many buildings. It is now closed (of course) and former prisoners give tours. Unfortunately we timed this badly, so the next available tour would mean a long wait.

Interesting neighborhood to live in now?


We hopped back on the tram to Alexander Platz (famous for the huge radio/tv tower) and found one of the tour companies. (cash only- so David literally ran to the bank machine!)

Tour is in a double decker bus, yet despite the wonderful weather, they left the retractable roof closed 😦

The tour is audio guided, and they provided a lot of facts and figures. It was a bit aggravating as it rushed past many sights but waited long periods at the shopping areas.


Still, it gave us an overview of the city. This is the Berlin Dom, a very beautiful church.

It was a gorgeous day and there were many tourists, visitors around and about.


There are some lovely river and canals that would be fun to tour – if we only had the time!




This is the palace at Charlottenberg.






And this is a fascinating water fountain!






We got off the bus at Checkpoint Charlie, where they have actors impersonating US soldiers. Not very convincing, because the 'soldiers' were smoking and kind of resting the US flag casually across their shoulders. I think they forgot their role, cuz one of them yelled at me “you take pictures?!” 🙂

We walked to a museum called The Topography of Terror. This is a preserved part of the Berlin Wall.




The museum is situated on the site of Nazi Headquarters. It is a great museum, with huge amounts of information on the Nazis and why/how they wrested power.


It was a moving account of the terror and tragedies perpetrated.





We stopped for a bite and ordered what we thought was a slice of pizza – really what do you expect for 3€? We each ended up with a full 10 inch thin crust pizza! Which went well with the beer!


Walked down to Brandenburg Tor (gate)

It was all lit up but closed off? Looked like some sort of festival going to happen?


It was a beautiful night, and I couldn't locate a metro that would take us back to our area without a lot of transfers, so we walked 🙂


It's not hard to figure out which way, we just had to walk towards the immense TV tower. After a bit we caught a bus for the last km (phew)

At Alexanderplatz we were greeted with this scene – Octoberfest!

Of course we were thirsty, so in we go..

Met some lovely Irish folks and then some Berliner girls, who explained that tomorrow is a big holiday – the anniversary of the reunification of Germany!!!

We had a great, albeit late night, with wine, beer and more food later, including a delicious bratwurst!


Yes that is a big mug….holds a litre of beer! How many bottles or cans is that?? He is brining it home. I suggested it will be a great gravy boat on thanksgiving Monday! 🙂



One thought on “Day 28

  1. I looked at Dave and thought “Look at that beautiful mug!”. I was, just so you know, referring to the beer. 😉 Can’t believe it’s almost over. Great posting. See you soon xo

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