Day 29

This post is late…I know, lots of excuses but never mind, here it is 😀. Berlin.

David went to see the Olympic stadium. I wandered around the neifghbourhood.

Everything was pretty much closed as it was a holiday. But the weather was beautiful.

I found a park/museum dedicated to the Wall. Was a wonderful installation, very well preserved, but more on that later.


We met up and headed downtown to see if we could get tickets to see the Reichstag Dome. This building has housed the government since 1850s – except for the Nazi years. It was badly damaged in WWII and later had the interior reconstructed and the exterior repaired.

We had to wait for a bit, but spelled each other so we could take bratwurst & beer breaks!

There were lots of people milling about and sounds of music coming from the Brandenburg gate area.

The dome above the building was completed in the 1990s and opened for the first election of the reunited Germany. It is an amazing structure! Spiral walkways going up and down, guided audio tour at knows where you are standing in the building. It collects light for the chambers below, distributes heat and collects rainwater!! It doesn't make coffee

The open top actually allows rain to fall into a funnel and be directed for irrigation of the gardens.

The mirrored 'sculpture' at the centre, redirects natural light to the parliamentary chambers below.

And it is a beautiful walk, with great views, and a state of the art audio guide.

Congrats Germany for taking clean energy seriously!

Once we left the Reichtag (and were unceremoniously moved along from its grandiose steps), we decided to wander towards the music

A throng of people, families, couples, older folks and young were walking along the pretty pathways.

We came to the street which had been closed off for this festival.

Of course there is beer!

And lots of people! Music, balloons, food – a real party. It is sobering to remember that reunification was only 22 years ago. Many people here remember not being able to pass through the Brandenburg Gate!

The night was lovely.




The view down the street away from the Brandenburg Gate.



We tore ourselves away from the street party, found a S-Bahn station and made our way to the park that memorializes the Berlin Wall.




The sun was quickly setting. This section of the wall has been left standing. There is a wide green space behind the wall (East Berlin side). This space was the 'Death Zone'. This space was cleared and an inner wall was erected, lights and guard towers installed. This was the area where escape attempts were met with death. There is a memorial that shows pictures of those who died trying to cross the border. There are pictures of the views from 1961 to 1990. It is an amazing space.



The wall behind David with the graffiti is not “the wall”. It is a building barrier that went up within East Berlin during the years the city was divided.

A cemetary was moved to make way for the Death Zone…and it is questionable if the gravesites where actually moved.

Wow…just a humbling experience to walk there.



This is a picture of an older 'East side' metro station…all very clean and efficient!


It was a great day. We stopped on our way back for sushi (and beer)!

We really enjoyed Berlin and wished we had more time here!



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