Day 30

Good bye Berlin, hello Hamburg!

Another travel day! This time we are taking a fast train…2 hours!

This is the 'Platz' where our hotel in Berlin is located. A fun place, with lots of places to eat, lots to see.

We pay our bill, grab a taxi and head to the Hauptbahnhof (train station).



We arrive way too early! Hard to get used to not needing 3 hours to check in like at airports in North America! Oh well – Starbucks coffee…find our platform.

Found out they actually map out where your train carriage is and post it!!!

Unfortunately others (apparently German) cannot figure this out! We were underway and moving for almost 20 minutes before we could get to our seats!! There was a huge bickering traffic jam with luggage and bags that had to be moved forwards or backwards!! What a scene.

We got ourselves settled and watched the now very wet countryside whip by, when the conductor came to collect our tickets. And that is when David discovered his credit card was likely left at our hotel front desk in Berlin! Fortunately the conductor still accepted our tickets despite the clear requirement that the purchasing credit card has to be produced with the eticket. Phew!

We arrived in a very wet and windy Hamburg and found our way to our connecting Metros. Upon arrival we enlisted the help of our current hotel to get the card couriered to Berlin….not as easy as one would think!

We go looking for food,and found the infamous Reeperbahn area!

And the Beatles-Platz!







Okay, I will never be as cute as a Beatle😝

This is the John Lennon figure I am standing in… Bet no one ever did this before!!


The Reeperbahn is more seedy than I expected. It is just so, Everywhere!!!!

We wandered around a bit.


This is a picture of the famous 'no women or children' street. Seems strange after the displays in Amsterdam. It seems like it is more sleazy here and therefore they try to hide it, but it is so all over the main thoroughfare, so it is a bit odd.

I respected the sign, and David did not want to leave me on the corner (and had no interesting in window shopping!) so we did not enter. I would assume that where the red lights are, there is a window with a woman in some stage of undress.


What is this blog without a picture of food with beer?

We walked down to the waterfront and ducked into a restaurant as the rain started to intensify. Besides it was time to rest my leg…David said it was time to replenish his litres of beer quota! What a great guy, he gives and gives 🍺🍺🍺

Beer with apple pie! It works on a rainy day!


We worked our way back to our hotel, finalized some email stuff and got ready to go out to see the Reeperbahn at night.






One of the most famous side streets of the area. More music clubs interspersed with the sex shows and sex bars.

Further up the street there is a famous transvestite club. The 'woman' at the door was gorgeous!






Towards the end of the street there is a church and we were invited in. There was a show going on. Different people playing, singing. The acoustics were wonderful. The music wasn't religious , and people were coming and going . It was great!

We stopped at a nice bar with a funny Australian barkeep, had a few (you guessed it) beers, and he even concocted a pseudo blueberry tea for me!

Of course we were hungry, so we found a Chinese restaurant. Best Chinese food we have had in a long time!!!

It was a great day, albeit wet. Tomorrow we hope to see a 'nicer' side of Hamburg. After all, Thomas says it is the best city in the world!



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