Day 31 (part 1)


A wet, wet, cool day.

David got his card returned (yay)

We had planned on a river tour, but it was pretty miserable out. So instead we got on a tour bus. It was dry, warm and had available seats.

Hamburg has some beautiful areas and interesting architecture, unfortunately being in a bus, with pouring rain and foggy windows did not allow us to capture particularly great photos.

There are stately manors around the larger “lake” (dammed up river actually), lots of tree lined avenues and a little blue mosque.

This building caught our eye too, yes it is crooked in various parts, very striking!



We returned to our starting point and decided to take the metro (U-Bahn) back tot the city centre.

The beautiful Rathaus (city hall).

It sits on a large plaza near one of the canals. It is open to the public and is currently displaying a local photo artist. The bannisters inside are all copper and brass.

A lovely inner court yard has a large fountain. All very pretty!



A picture on one of the 2700 bridges in this city!

See the swans in the background? If you walk down to the waterfront, they will mob you!

We wandered around a bit more and headed back to the hotel. David is heading out for a Beatles walking tour, and I am going to rest my leg for our night excursion (see part two 😃)




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