Day 31 (part 2)

Nighttime in Hamburg!

Okay this is not going to be what you think, at least not to start with!


We went to a Hamburg Freezers hockey game!

Hockey in Europe is NOTHING like hockey at home….I mean the hockey is basically the same, the ice is a little larger, and the refs wear strange uniforms…but the fans – WOW!

The arena puts on quite a show…all dark, with flashing lights, ice girls in skimpy outfits, fireworks and video. The Zamboni has headlights and does it work while the ice is darkened.


Taking all of this in, David & I suddenly felt drops on our head… They actually SNOW indoors just before the introductions of the players!! See all the white dots on the picture…snow..surreal!!

While we were laughing abut that, suddenly the crowd started chanting all together (it was in German, so I have no idea).

The light came up, flags were being waved, a sea of blue at the end of the arena was singing/chanting in unison.

Then as each player was shown on the screen the announcer would say the first name and the crowd would yell the last name.

Not surprisingly, there are Bruins fans everywhere! So this pleased David to no end! He is insisting that there were more Bruins jerseys being worn there than any other NHL team, but these assertions have not been (nor will be) confirmed. ☺

The fans were fun and amazing. There are a number of chants that probably get you into some secret club. It was all lots of fun, very loud, and the players seemed to be a pert of it after the game was over. The hockey was good too! Oh and the Stanley Cup was there, which we didn't know about before we went!

David bought a Freezers scarf (which is important later)

After the game we headed down to see the Reeperbahn at night. It was BUSY!

We decided to see what all the fuss was about and went into the Dollhouse Club. Well, in my opinion it was pretty tame, I guess I was expecting something more raunchy 😳!

We stayed for some overpriced small sized drinks and then wandered back out to the street. My favourite sight of the night was a mime working the drunk and partying crowds! Seemed out of place and yet sweetly funny amidst the debauchery.

Lots of lights, people and music!

We were not getting stopped by lots of people asking about the hockey game. David's new scarf made people assume we were German, but we quickly learned how to convey that Hamburg had beat Manneinheim by 2 – 1! This resulted in lots of high fives!

One group of young men started chanting a song. When we approached them, it turned out they were from Berlin and were taunting what they supposed were Hamburgers (yes, that's what people from Hamburg are called, therefore it can be said that our daughter is dating a Hamburger!) They were very nice men and later when we passed them they broke into their rendition of 'Oh Canada”! (Slightly beery, but well intentioned)

It was a fun but late night.

At least the rain had stopped!

Tomorrow we leave for Frankfurt



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