Day 32

Good morning Hamburg…it is raining 💧💦☔☁. We decide to take a taxi rather than the bunch of changes to get to the Hauptbahnhof (train station). The taxis are Mercedes which is a good thing, because our driver liked to take corners quickly, so we sailed through the corners without having to hold on for dear life! We arrived, found our platform and waited. Every 10 minutes a train came in to this platform, disgorged passengers, took on passengers and took off, all within 5-7 minutes! So you have to be paying attention. Many of the trains we saw come and go stopped in Frankfurt too..but no getting on the wrong train, you wouldn't likely have a seat.

Found our window seats. It was a lovely, but wet country side, and again, traveling so fast doesn't make for great pics. Lots of little hamlets and burgs, all congregated near a church. I bet they are lovely places!

In Frankfurt we found ourselves in another lovely station. Our hotel is just across the street. When we arrived I logged into the wifi and found out Thomas is on his way to see us! For those who don't know, Thomas is the very nice man from Hamburg, who is currently long distance dating our daughter Stephanie. He is studying in Darmstadt, a university town not far from Frankfurt.

He took us (in his adorable red Mini) down to the opera house. AND this is where we discovered that the camera I carefully plugged in last night, had a dead battery! So no pictures except what David got on his Blackberry.

From there we found a place to have a bite (beer for us, but Thomas didn't have beer, something about Munich, beer, last night, oh and he is driving!). We walked down to the square. The church bells were tolling, loud and long. There were a considerable amount of police vans, and police were gearing up, and looked like they had riot gear in hand…Interesting!! So of course we wandered into the square, we could hear singing, we saw people dancing and the was a big tour bus. On the side of the bus was a slogan and a picture of a man. Thomas translated that they were protesting to have a convicted Turkish terrorist released from prison inTurkey. Thomas looked very surprised about all the commotion. We asked if rioting was common in Germany and he said it does happen in Hamburg at the Reeperbahn every year (not sure if he was joking). The crowds were not tense, nor did the police seem tense. It looked like they were just making a presence.

We wandered down to the Mein river, which Thomas pointed out is not as big or fantastic as the Elbe river in Hamburg. We went back to the main pedestrian walkway. Thomas has suggested i need to try a local drink called Federweißer. At 2€ for a glass (+ a 1€ deposit for the glass) it is a cheap drink. It is sweetish, very tasty and would be dangerous to drink as you cant taste the 7% alcohol!

We walked to a tall tower and took a fast elevator up to the observation deck. What a great view of Frankfurt. It is a nice city with a few high rises sprinkled throughout the area. Darkness was upon us and a drizzle of rain had started. We descended and parted ways with Thomas. He gave us directions back to the hotel “just go past the tower here and go right, and walk through the red light district – which is sad and not as good as the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, and then turn left”. What a nice guy. We really enjoyed the opportunity to see him again!

It had been a lot of walking, so we stopped for a couple of drinks. We are going to seriously have to consider our alcohol intake upon our return home!

David grabbed some late night food, while I made my way back to the hotel for a nice hot soak in the tub!

Unfortunately, we have had Internet problems, so David has been unable to send me the pics. I will post them later.

Tomorrow we head home 🌎


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