Getting Ready to Vamanos

Vamanos= Let’s Go!

We are in North Vancouver at our good friends home (for wayward travelers) Thank you Carol & Bob Walton! It is sort of like those way camps that climbers of Everest use to acclimatize. Except it has all the comforts of home and is nearby necessary things (like liquor and grocery stores). I had made up a dandy check list on my iPhone, but did I use it? No! So things were forgotten, but nothing life threatening or that cannot be resolved with my credit card!
Tuukka will be staying here at Walton Mountain until either a) Steph can pick him up and keep him; b) he gets picked up and sent home to G’ma Jane’s by the ever helpful and all around awesome friend Greg; or 3) we get home in a month! We are sure he will be well loved and taken care of! Big thanks to everyone for taking him in!
Finn Walton seems extraordinarily please to have a live stuffie to chew on. We hope it will settle out for the sake of the Waltons!


The ‘boys’ settling into a routine!

Booked our final accommodations in Amsterdam. Backpack packed. David’s suitcase carrying all the potions and creams we girls seem to rely on. All necessary prints done of our trip! Yay. I think we are ready!!


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