Overestimating The Time It Would Take

There is that moment in your travels where you just KNOW you could have done better or planned better. I didn’t think it would be so early on.
The flight from Vancouver to Paris was long, and a little cramped, but there were highlights. A smooth flight. Wee bottles of bubbly to start our trip.


The Lego Movie! Which, truth be told, all of my nerdy self loved! Plus the quirky odd Budapest Hotel, followed by the delightful Saving Mr Banks. So good movie marathon, but probably should have slept. No problem, coffee will take care of it!
Now we are in Paris.
It is amazing how quickly you get thru border patrol here. No forms or questions. They don’t care what you are doing here or where you are staying or for how long.
A longish walk to the very modern tram that takes you between terminals. Check in, security – which has different rules (take out your iPad, camera, phone, liquids, belt..shoes can stay on).
So thru all that and it is now 1:30 pm. Our flight leaves at 5:55pm. We tried to get an earlier flight but the cost was stupid 412€ each! A far cry from the 70€ we paid for our tix! We were too worried about delayed flights, borders, inter terminal travel and check in.
Oh well. We can stretch, email, and blog 😃
Pretty terminal – all Air France

The terminal smells French. Coffee. Chocolate. Pastries. Perfumes
The shopping is all the Names – Hermes, Dior, Prada, LV, Rolex, Chanel, Armani etc etc. No shopping for me, I have a full backpack.

Next stop Barcelona!
Perhaps more later.


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