Made it to Barcelona

This blog is a day late, but I am fully excused because I was TIRED! Flight from Paris to Barcelona was so uneventful I dozed off for a whole 15 minutes! By the way Air France coffee is wonderful and strong!
Once we landed and found our bags (happily safe and sound) we made our way out. No helpful signs as to where to find the “aerobus” we were told to take. So I lined up to the info desk, and waited. And waited. Finally got the information ‘go straight out over the terrazzo and down de stahrs’. We went straight out, thru what could be a terrace and found some stairs. To hotel buses. Backtrack backtrack!! On our way in we see a small sign for the Aerobus. Yay!

Arriving at Plaça Catalunya we had no idea which way was La Rambla. So David, being the urbane soul that he is, asked some policia. We headed down the road, bobbing and weaving thru the masses of peoples wandering along this very large Pedestrianized road

This is La Rambla during the day, in the morning.

The world here really gets rocking around 10 pm.

Found our place and met our wonderful hosts Martin & Nikki. Such nice people. Glass of cold water for us. It’s three flights up some narrow stairs!

It is HUMID here!

After a quick change of clothes we headed out for some food and refreshments. Can anyone say tapas!?!! Armed with verbal instructions from Martin, we head out. Was that left or right he said? Do we cross over the busy (name unknown yet) or turn. Or? Princessa road or something. Note: never give instruction to a jet lagged, sleep deprived, new to your country, traveler. Vaguely got instruction. Couldn’t follow ! So took a seat at a place and thoroughly enjoyed our tapas, beer and vino tinto (which comes by the half litre) !


Selfie during the walk home and crash, I mean crash into bed! Earplugs, open window and sweet sweet sleep

Bueños noches


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