Barcelona adventure begins.

Tuesday September 2. Awoke refreshed and feeling somewhat human.

The bathroom here is the tiniest I have ever been in. Martin gave some instruction – turn water on, get wet, water off, shampoo soap and lather, water on, rinse. There is no possible room to do it any other way! But somehow it works! Good water saver too. It was a fantastic feeling get cleaned up after a day of traveling.

The apartment is small square footage. There are 5 rooms, which are the bathroom and kitchen, 2 bedrooms a main living area and a tiny room that is an office/refrigerator and misc room. But there are high ceilings and a Juliet balcony, and it is quaint and cute and in a wonderful location

We head off to see what’s what. Up La Rambla to the Plaça Catalunya. Decide on one of those hop on hop off bus lines. There are a couple of different companies and there are big line ups and it appears that they basically go to the same places. In the end it was the friendly service from the street staff that made our choice – red bus it is! The clouds burned off as the day progressed.

Barcelona is a big city. 1.6 million inhabitants and stretched out over a large space. Our tour first takes us towards the waterfront.

We are planning a beach day. The city has many amazing buildings and art installations. Some of them more odd than others.

Next: Parc Guell


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