The end of Tuesday

We did finish both full loops of our tour. So much to see, probably the best way to get it done.


Head back to our place in the Barri Gotic. Here I will make an important service announcement:
Despite what various info you get from the internet, do not plug in a surge protector extension bar into an international adapter! Especially in older places and let’s face it, here they are all antiques! Snap crackle pop and tripped the breaker. Fortunately Martin and Nicky were great about it! Reset the breaker and made sure we had the right adapters (we did) no harm done (except scaring me witless).

We changed and went out to find food. There is NO shortages of places to eat. After much discussion and wandering we decided to pay the big bucks and sit on La Rambla. Size of drinks was not an issue

The sangria was good (anytime you get a 1/2 litre in one glass has got to be good). The paella was okay, the cost was too much Oh well, we sat and watched people pass by.

We stopped at a bar for a nightcap. Tucked into a little courtyard, very nice, and sometimes a small breeze would waft by us, bring relief from the humidity. David bought me roses, which was darling of him (albeit, we got back late, startled the dog, woke the hosts, and I forgot to get water for them, so now they are drying).


It was a good day to be in Barcelona!
Bueños noches


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