Day 4 – Sagrada Familia

We stopped and had a little tapas (no sausages for us!) and beer while waited for our allotted time to go into La Sagrada Familia.

We managed to get in about 10 minutes before our scheduled time.

The outsides look like someone’s dream. David astutely pointed out that none of the carvings look all that happy.

IMG_0580.JPG</It is a huge building which was started in 1883 and is not yet completed.

The inside is enormous and very modern. And undeniably majestic and gorgeous, but after Montserrat, it just seemed showy. Kind of a Kardashian church. ( David called it Trump like).


My favs were the doors, and the knight on the horse


Great museum below and watched a film about the church and Gaudi. Interesting. Glad we went to see it. Since it is only 60% finished to date (gasp! I know!) there will still be lots of opportunities for others to see the madness and help pay the bills. I wonder how they dust?

Time to head back to the flat and pack up.


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