Goodbye Barcelona – Hola Valencia

Friday morning. I woke up early, in our little room. The sounds of the street cleaners going by, and doors being opened and closed. When I peered out of the window and up between the walls of the narrow street, I could see a pretty blue morning sky starting to brighten.

Last tiny shower. Last goodbye to Didi the quietest dog ever, last “cheers” from our host Martin. We are packed and on our way early. Views of the street, square and #9 Door to the flat.


We have decided to walk to the train station which is a mere 800 meters away. My review the map and pretty good sense of direction ( if I do say so myself), get us there with plenty of time to spare. We have a breakfast, which included with the eggs and bacon, a mound of French fries. I, of course, spilled my cafe americano, but they were kind enough to replace it. No damage done.

Pretty station. Easy to find our train, easy to find our coach and seats. What a civilized way to travel!!

The train starts slow, but picks up speed as we leave the confines of the city. Houses on hills, church spires and beaches pass by as we get to 199 km/hr speed.

The train stops a few times. Our only complaint with the train services is you cannot understand the announcements. Okay they are in Catalan and Spanish, but she speaks SO fast who knows where we are. David along with another passenger asked one of attendants, who looked at us if we were very simply children and said, your ticket says you will arrive at 12:59. It is not 12:59. However, when we did make it to Valencia (13:10) we did note that the announcement was in Catalan, Spanish and English and seemed to be spoken slower for those of us who are not so bright!

There is a shuttle bus to the other train station, and from there very clear instructions for our walk to the apartment. It is HOT. And HUMID.
We meet up with our hostess Carmen. Our room is large, with a balcony and we have a bathroom to ourselves. And we have air conditioning in our room! Yay! We quickly do a load of laundry and consult the maps given to us, and the internet to determine what is next. Once the laundry is hung to dry on hangers, we head out to explore.

The tower is the landmark to get us back. We stopped for a very nice pasta dinner on a leafy street. Quiet out. Finished with some coconut ice cream (a new fav) and wandered to the old city for a bit. Stopped at a corner bar later for a drink.

We also went to the super mercado to pick up a few things. Wine 2€, beer 6€ for 12- this is all good! You have to weigh your fruits and veggies BEFORE you go to the checkout (lesson learned). When we came out we were astonished how busy it was. Every corner bar/restaurant had people filling their tables!
But we are too tired tonight. So we head back for refreshing showers, and some down time.
Hasta manaña, mi amores


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