Day 6 – Do Not Take This Bus & Where Is the Paella?

After a good sleep (air conditioning is soooo great). We got up and headed out. The streets are quiet but we could get a little cup of cafe con leche and croissants with marmalade (which is what they call all jams). We wandered over to the Rufasa Mercado. Big market, full of interesting produce, meats, fish, dairy products. Some things I have never seen or didn’t know you could eat.

There were also rows and rows of fresh produce. Nice way to pick up dinner!

We found a bus and headed to the centre of the old city. The plan: tourist bus. Decision: 2 companies, red, and green. We chose green because the top of the bus was more open. DO NOT CHOOSE THIS BUS.
Yes the bus took us along the route indicate by their maps. However, their audio guide is a joke! Poor quality, couldn’t understand it, long explanations some things , missed other things that looked interesting and kept misnaming/mis-numbering which stop we were at. I also don’t think it was ever in sync with where we were. Tiring ride, we didn’t get off the bus.

We did see some interesting buildings and art but can’t tell you much about them.


Went back for a little siesta. The heat and humidity does take a toll. Probably not helped by the wine/beer intake 😀.

As we walked back it was like a ghost town. At 5:30 pm all is quiet. At 8:30pm they start setting out tables, at 10 pm the people start filling the tables. By midnight the corner bars are full!
Time lapse pic of sorts:


We headed out looking for paella for dinner. Nope, not on any menu nearby. Our search sent us further out and I kept losing my bearings. The side streets seemed to offer possibilities, but turned into tapas only. At last we found a place sat down, ordered drinks, and looked over the menu. Hmm, which kind of paella to have? When the waiter brought the drinks he mentioned that there is no paella. What? The dish the city is famous for cannot be had? No. Long Spanish reasons they don’t do paella at the end of the week. So we settled for a motley assortment of tapas, which overall did not impress us.

I figured out where we were and we headed back to the neighbourhood for a night cap. Busy night out. Lots of people out, but no obvious drunken behaviours.

Ah, the return to the air conditioned room was a welcome relief!
Nite !!


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