Valencia ala playa or platja

Playa/platja = beach. Today is going to be our beach day!
Sun is shining, looks like it will be a hot day.

It is Sunday. Again, very quiet streets. Market is shut. We grab cappuccinos and croissants. A lot of people smoke here, and it is something you just have to get used to. Still, smoke wafting over my morning coffee isn’t pleasant.

We go back to the flat and grab our backpacks, stuffed with beach towels (courtesy of our host Carmen), iPads charged and books downloaded, water and snacks.
We consult the maps, looking for bus #19, which we were told would take us to la plajta. Reading the bus maps is like deciphering hieroglyphics. Arrows start and disappear, it looks like most buses end up in several of 20 places. We grab the bus. As it fills at later stops, some people carrying beachy items get on. We follow them off the bus and to the biggest beach I have ever seen. We head out towards some umbrellas in the distance. After crossing several 100 meters of sand we are successful and rent some loungers and umbrella. Beautiful beach. Sand so fine it is almost powder. Easy flat access to the water. And the sea!! So great, warm, nice waves, just a piece of heaven. But I can’t stay in for a long time, David is watching our stuff and deserves a turn.

A beautiful day at the beach. Hard to take pics without ending up with an inadvertent “boobie” pic! Finished my book, enjoyed the sun, ocean, nice breezes and shade of our umbrella!


Needed to shower off. What started as a leisurely stroll across the sands, became a run over a burning Sahara!! Ouch, ouch. Packed up and headed off to find Paella!

We had been told the night before, by our waiter who felt bad they were not serving paella, that the place to get it was at the beach. We head off looking, results were not promising until:

It was okay, but not what we expected.
We found the bus back and headed back. We decided to get packed up and then headed out to a little Turkish place we had noted before. Donair kebaps with beer, followed by Turkish tea and baklava. Yum. The skies opened and it started raining, followed by thunder and lightening. The storm crashed overhead for over an hour. But even in the rain it didn’t seem any more humid than what we had experienced before.

A quiet night. Tomorrow we catch a train to Madrid.


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