Monday, September 8
We leave our place in the Ruzafa neighbourhood of Valencia and walk the 15 minutes to the train station. Already it is warm and humid and my backpack is rubbing on shoulders that are a bit burned from our lovely day yesterday at the beach. We wait at the station for the shuttle bus to take us to the other train station. Not a far ride, but the bus has air conditioning. Arrive with plenty of time, so we go to the McDonalds for breakfast – mostly for the free wifi, and also because they have something other than croissants. Coffees are still americanos. Only place with drip coffee do far is Starbucks. We like the americanos, but they just come in the smaller size. Message to cut back perhaps?
This time there is a security check of the bags, but it is still a quick and pleasant experience to go by train. And this train is FAST! We got to 300 km/hr!

Arriving at Madrid one and a half hours later, the first thing we notice is no humidity! It’s breezy, warm and dry. We manoeuvre the metro station (many stairs) and emerge in the La Latina area of Madrid. Easy walk to find our next room. Adorable little flat. Very modernised inside, very old outside.

Our room is small, but will do fine. We have great lighting, but no outside window. The bathroom may be the first shower David actually fits in on this trip so far!
We get some instructions from our host Ana, and head out to explore. We easily find the Plaza Mayor and get some maps and other info.


What astounds us, is that after searching rather fruitlessly for paella in Valencia (home of the paella), we see it here everywhere!! At last.

And it was delicious, as was the wine and beer! We wandered around a bit more, visiting the Palacio Real

IMG_0672.JPG and the church

After much more wandering, we decide to sit down for a drink. Drinks bring tapas (for free!) great experience. We are liking Madrid very much!




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