Noisy People, Sneaky Buses & A Market Full of Goodies

Walked down to the Puerto de Toledo. A huge roundabout. A roundabout with traffic lights in it. 8 streets converge here.

We sit down at some outside tables hoping for service, but nothing came, so we went inside. It was busy and there were a couple of seats at the ‘bar’. The man behind the bar countered my “hola” with “digame”, the equivalent of “what do you want”. We settled on some food and americanos. My brekkie came quickly, David’s was about 5 minutes behind mine. While we sat and munched, the staff member proceeded to practically throw dishes into a dishwasher, up on the shelf, banging cups, coffee grounds, pretty much anything that could be clanged, banged or otherwise caused to make noise with!
Now to find the location of the pick up zone for the Hop On/Off/off bus. We see a bus come through the roundabout and out a street semi across from us. So we race over 5 different streets, but the bus is gone by the time we arrive and no signs. We are not sure it stopped. We saw it enter the roundabout back just past where we started, so we raced back over 6 streets in time to see the bus go sailing past us. It stopped at a light in the middle of the roundabout. So we watched it, carefully. Yes, it did,stop where we were before. So we went the other way, over 3 streets. But it had gone. There was no sign, but there were others waiting. I am sure our antics would have been comical to the noisy man, if he had taken a break from his endeavours!
We got the bus and settled in to see the sights.

We decided to hop off and see the Palacio Real. David’s first palace. Apparently a good one to pick for the wow factor.

There are a few rooms where they don’t like you taking pictures…oops, guess my iPhone just happened to get some of these. (Thanks David for the assistance)

The chandeliers were huge in size and numerous. The formal dining room was set for 52 guests. We left the palace sufficiently impressed – we will do another palace in Amsterdam, so David can see the differences.

We walked up Calle Mayor and stopped at the San Miguel Mercado. Tapas, tapas, beer, wine, desserts, and lots of people. We had a couple of tapas.


Wandered up the street further, through the throngs of people and stopped at McDonald’s for one of their smoothies, the bathroom and wifi.
Caught the other line of the bus and set off again. Sun shining, very warm. Lots to see



A good day. We picked up some water and fruit and head back for a rest before tonight.



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