It’s an early train for us. 9:05 am, which is early by Spanish standards. Not a lot is open or moving before 9 here.
We leave the flat (unshowered, we showered before we went to bed, the night before, but we are used to starting our day with a shower. So it isn’t a great start for us). Up and down the stairs at the 2 metro stations we need to pass thru. Poor David, hauling the suitcase up and down. I am happy for my backpack at these moments.
Expensive, boring breakfast at the train station. Once on board, I pretty much fall asleep, although David says I didn’t sleep long. Pretty country we are going thru. A few stops along the way. The country is dry looking, but lots of olive orchards and other tree orchards, corn and other things growing in rows. Tried to take a picture of a looming mountain from the window of our fast moving train:


Kind of pretty in an abstract arty way 😊
When we arrive we head for the busy road and discover it is the one we need: La Avenida de la Constitucion, and it is peopled with bronze statues along the way


They are an amazing welcome to the city. We follow our google map instructions and find our place. It is in one of the oldest parts of the city. We gain entrance to the little courtyard and are directed down a few stairs (duck David!) and then up and up steep stairs turning every 4 or 5 steps (duck again David) out onto another interior patio landing. Our room is simple, but it has a fan and a window out to the courtyard. Our hostess Manuela took one of our day packs and her 1 1/2 year old on her hip and went up the stairs, we huffed and puffed our way up.

After we reorganised ourselves we headed out to see the sights, find a map, and get some dinner.


Granada has approx. 250,000 people and is home to a large international university. It’s busy, but not like Madrid. It has a more laid back feel. We found the tourist office and wandered some more, had a drink and tapa and wandered some more.


Dinner was not a success. We stopped at a Turkish spot. David’s pizza was okay, but my dinner got forgotten (a simple donair) and when we pointed that out David had almost finished his pizza. Grumpy waiter man went in and slopped one together. No sorry no nothing. And it wasn’t good. But the earlier ice cream made up for it! Had the ever lovely coconut ice cream when we arrived in town. Would have posted that pic, but I can’t find it now, so here is a happy selfie



We had a nice night, came back, washed clothes and had a great sleep!


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