A Fortress on a Hill

Good Morning Granada! It is nice and cool in the morning, and after a great sleep we ready ourselves for a day of sights, sounds and tastes! We head out up a road where a restaurant had a sign the day before about full breakfast. But it was closed, because why would you be open for breakfast?
Found another restaurant with a good breakfast (this means eggs to go with our coffee). We’ve really been trying to eat a decent breakfast and then some snacks during the day (fruit, granola bars) and then a nice dinner later. This pretty much flies against Spanish tradition of a breakfast of croissant (or sweeter confection) and coffee or chocolate, big lunch around 2 and then tapas and drinks around 10 pm.
Properly fortified we head out. Capture the little tourist bus with its open air cabooses.

Skinny enough to get thru the narrow streets, bendy enough to get around sharp corners on hills!
We get out at a stop at the top of the Albacyin, the ancient moorish area with its windy cobbled streets. Of course there are churches up in these hills and they command some magnificent views.


We end up walking around and down the streets to hop back on the train at a spot we were at previously!
This time we stay onboard until we arrive at the top of the hill at Alhambra!

The crowds are large, our timing is good. We collect our tickets (pre-ordered) and audio guide devices and line up to get in. Time frames are important here, we MUST be at the Palace of the Nasarids by 3:30. We get into the grounds and head toward the Generalife. A garden sanctuary built for the elite. It’s beautiful!



After a nice wander thru the gardens with its multitude of water features we walk toward the palaces and fortress

The staircase in the upper right hand corner has a water feature built in. There is a channel in the balustrade that water flows down thru!
More views of ruins, cannons and porticos


We go into the Alcazaba – the fortress on the promontory overlooking the valley below. Wow!




We have to rush out of there in order to line up for the Nasarids Palace more line ups and waiting. But we got in.
More wow! But subdued, restrained. Most of the amazing carvings are on the ceilings and upper walls. Water is a big feature for the Moors.




A duplicate of a picture, I know, but with limited wifi it is too much to undo 😳
Inner courtyards, gardens, lookouts to the world below. Very grand





We leave the palace and wander thru more gardens, an ancient remains of another building and pools of water.




See the water channel running along side the stairs ? These feed into pools and fountains, all very intricate and lovely

It was a great day up on the hill. Catch our little train down with ice cream in hand! Got a bit of sun today! Lots of walking and stairs.

We head back to our rental room to charge batteries and I discover that I am running out of storage for the photos. This will take up most of the next two nights (and the reason for the delay in posting 😊)

More in a bit about our last night in Granada!


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