Granada, You Are Lovely!

So a great breakfast, an awesome day (which included ice cream), and we finished it off with an amazing dinner at such a great price. Lamb tajin for me, chicken and rice for David, plus our drinks and the bill was only 26€. Have I mentioned how good the wine is?

I don’t have a lot of pics for the evening as my phone was left charging and trying to download photos to Dropbox.

We did go back on the train – the tickets good until midnight and thought it would just go around the lower town. It was fun doing the night trip, the walls of the streets so close you had to keep your elbows and hands well inside the tram. Up and down narrow roads, coming to stops on cobbled streets, and people out walking along with families at 11:30 pm! Surprisingly the tram headed up to the Alhambra even at this late hour. The gates were closed, and it was peaceful. As we were getting ready to leave a group of young ladies, wearing belly dancing scarves appeared and had a lengthy conversation with our driver. It was considerably cooler up on the top of the mountain, and the first time I wished I had a sweater on this trip. We finally left, the belly dancers walking their way down the road, and careened down the cobbled streets, bouncing and jostling along. It was fun. But impossible to take pictures in the low light and movement.

We returned to the bottom of the hill.

Looking up we see the Alhambra glowing.
We returned towards our place and stopped for a drink – had amazing free tapa of tandoori chicken! A great night!


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