Ronda and the Sleepy Tourists

Our day started slowly. We asked the front desk about the wifi and received a rather Gallic shoulder shrug. They seemed to feel bad, but oh well, nothing could be done about it.
We went looking for coffee and breakfast and found a place on the main road where we could sit outside, get a full breakfast, and have wifi! SOLD! ( we went back for a little snack at lunch too).

I have also discovered that I have a shortage of storage left on my iPad…(iCloud, why can’t you be more understandable!) pictures aren’t downloaded from my phone, I am afraid to delete something, have been trying to research iCloud, Dropbox or other options with crappy internet connection…Okay. Deep breath, no more whining Diana! ( and this is why my blogs are delayed)

We head over the new bridge and around the old town and take a walk around. We take a path (“danger this pathway is in poor repair”) down, down, down to see the bridge from somewhat below. We don’t go all the way to the bottom of the gorge, I would likely still be there! The views are magnificent




We climb back up, stopping here and there to take in the view (so we tell ourselves as we catch our breath)

More wandering around parks and walkways




Notice the panoramic shot where David is to the left and right! Technically I cloned him!!

Requisite photos with the bull ( Ronda claims to be the birthplace of bull fighting) and other statues





It’s Sunday so somethings are not open (like the sherry tasting I kind of got excited about). But there are quieter crowds too.

After our wander we look for dinner. Simple would be good. We stopped for some drinks in an Irish pub, that played either very loud Spanish music or very loud pop songs. We found a nice terrazzo place and had pizza and spinach tortellini and wished we had some sweaters! The nights are cooler up in the mountains.

A nice day, but we are tired. Early start tomorrow!


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