Cadiz – the Worst of Food, the Best of Food!

We have to take a bus to Cadiz 😒. I can’t say we are happy about it, but it is the mist logical route. The bus ride is a first for David and I in years! Firstly, we cannot read on a bus without feeling a bit sickly -so there goes the idea on how to spend the time. Secondly, there a lot of ‘characters’ on a bus. It is, after all public transport! So we had the very loud talking Spanish lady and her companion’Ms, I must wear a lot of perfume’.
The bus goes up, down and around corners. Stopping in little outcroppings of villages, backing up on steep roads, careening down valleys and picking up and dropping off people. Señora Loud Talker leaves the bus, others get on.
The countryside is hilly and dotted with the white villages of Andalusia.



We arrive in Cadiz and head off to our place. For the first time, I get misdirected by winding streets. Cadiz will continue to confuse me to the end!
Our apartment is a lovely little studio, on a quiet street near the ocean. No beach right there, just the old defensive walls of an ancient city.





We walk around the ‘sea wall’ and arrive at the beach within the ancient city.


The tide us out and the little fishing boats are beached. Picturesque !
We are hungry after our trip so we stop at a little sidewalk cafe. We decide to play it safe and order Hamberguesa. Blech! Awful! A meat patty, over seasoned, a wet salad and of course French fries. Dousing my patty in ketchup did nothing for the flavour! We are very unhappy with our food experience.

We wander about taking in sites, getting lost and then found (yay maps! David thinks I am obsessed with maps! I am.)





Along the way we hear funny bird noises. These two flew out of the tree and chatted at each other.

There was also these trees! Amazing


We head back and catch a beautiful sunset



We decide to follow a recommendation from our host Juan Vidal. The restaurant / bar is amazing and we have the best meal of our trip! Larger than tapas, but not full portions, perfect for sharing.

We immediately decide that tomorrow’s dinner plans will be in the same restaurant!
We return back for a quiet and restful night!


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