Cadiz – When it Rains, the Sun Will Return.

We awoke to a rainy morning in Cadiz. But it started to clear up, so we headed out in search of coffee.

Spaniards drink espresso. No drip coffee for them. We generally ask for americanos and that gets us a close approximation of what we are used to for coffee. If you ask for milk, they will make you a cafe con leche which is often hot milk with a shot of espresso, so milkier than you expected. So it has been a bit of a learning curve for these two caffeine aficionados. In Cadiz, it seems they serve their americanos in little juice glasses. No handles, just hot hot glass, and small quantity of liquid. But oh so strong! You don’t see folks here walking about with coffees like we do in North America. You sit and have your coffee (It is only about 4 sips anyways).

After a less than satisfying coffee experience, we wander towards the Castille of San Sebastián. This is one of three old fortresses built to protect the harbour and city from mauraders. This one is out on a long causeway, all cobbled. As we walk out, the winds pick up and the skies darken, but we decide to go for it. Thunder rumbles in the skies above.





The castille looks like it is being restored in parts.




We walk thru the first area and out onto a flat open area. There is now a lighthouse there and they have renovated beneath the outer rampart walls, installing a gallery (which at this date had a exposition of photographic art called “made in Japan”, not inspiring)




The views from the walls was impressive. Especially with the clouds rolling in.
On our way back we got hit with rain.

And took shelter where we could!
We actually stopped when it was coming down torrentially and had another shot glass of hot coffee.

When we returned to our flat, we found the outer door closed and we spent quite a few minutes trying to get it open so we could move out of the rain! David’s persistence paid off! We dried off and had a rest, waiting for the rain to pass.

The skies cleared and we gathered out gear and headed to the beach!

The water is colder than in Valencia, but it is the Atlantic Ocean. The waves were not large but they were constant and the wind was blowing. It was still warm enough for a dip in the ocean and hanging at the beach reading.



We did have to pack up quickly when the clouds blew in with rain, but by the time we had gathered our stuff and shook out our towels we could see it blowing over so we waited and ended sitting back down on the beach for another hour or so. Lovely afternoon!

We decided to go to the bar on the beach for a drink. The sun was starting its descent and the water looked like hammered metal. The tide was coming in fast and the little boats were starting to bob on the waves.




We enjoy our cervezas and decide to try to take selfies in the sun. Here are the two contestants. You get to pick which is better by commenting on this page



Walk back and showered off. Dinner is going to be after 8:30 and we are returning to the amazing Balandro! Dinner was great and we even indulged in desert and I tried a new liqueur called Pacharán from the north of Spain.


I also got to sniff some speciality gin from the north of Spain as well, and it smelled more flowery, but I don’t remember the name!

It was a great day in Cadiz, even with the rain!


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