Sept 18 Seville

Today we talked about maybe leaving Seville a day earlier.
Our apartment toilet doesn’t work well, which requires us to fill the tank with a bucket, the landlord said he came and fixed it while we were out, and that sometimes it just needs to have the hose blown on. 😳 we think there is a communication issue!! We were left with a partial role of TP. They dropped off one more roll and left it on the doorknob of the of the apartment! One roll, they obviously don’t know how tightly we are packed, we will not be stealing any TP !

We head out for breakfast, David was all excited because they said they had Spanish omelet! When we went to order it, it isn’t available until the afternoon. Instead we had orange juice and the tiniest baguette roll toasted with a bit of what looked like undercooked French fry on it. Our bill was 9€!
So we went to Starbucks for coffee. At least they make a big americano ! It poured rain and we contemplated our options.

Perhaps a soccer game? Yesterday we ran into these Dutch guys here for a game against Seville


But at 45€ for a nosebleed ticket we decide not to.
A day trip to Gibraltar? Nope, it isn’t feasible by train/bus, and renting a car and trying to figure out where to go- we don’t want that stress!
We regroup in our flat until the rain stops. We do some research and come up with a Flamenco show option. The rain stops and we head out to buy tickets and wander around.



After buying tix we head towards the Plaza de España. Built for the 1929 World Expo, it is set in huge gardens. It looks like this too is being renovated. The gardens are huge and lovely in a neglected kind of way. The plaza is enormous with a big fountain




There is a lovely water feature around the plaza. A little canal that semi circles the plaza and there are a number of bridges over it. We rented a little rowboat for 5€ and punted in the canal for about 1/2 hour! Fun for me, workout for David!! He enjoyed it too!





We wander the plaza a bit taking in the pretty sights.





A bit of a long walk back to our place, bit it is along the river and it’s breezy and nice.





We clean up and head to the flamenco show
No pics during the show, but after they dance a little and allow pictures.



They certainly work hard at their craft!
We enjoyed the show and the guitar player was fantastic. I may have to find some tracks of Spanish guitar to play when I get home. Suggestions anyone??

We stopped for tapas, more drinks and meandered back with one more stop for another drink!
Now I need to talk about bread and crackers. Whenever you stop for a drink, they will bring you your forks and knives in a basket with rolls, bread and or crackers. Most times you pay for these, even if you didn’t order them. We waived them off one time and were told they were free, which was good, because that time we needed the bread to help dissipate the saltiness of the tapa! We have now taken to pocketing the bread rolls for future use when we make sandwiches! I may need a bigger purse.
It is an interesting lifestyle!!
We had a fun day!


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