Early morning walk to the train station. Is it just me, or do these walks seem to be longer and longer?
We had a great time in Cadiz. Some early morning pics



Cadiz has a disappointing train station, nothing open before our 9:40 train.

But there was a coffee vending machine. Unfortunately it had no instructions that I could discern, so I put money in, and it asked for more, and I picked cafe con leche, and a man showed up chattering away to me, and I was only getting about 1/2 of what he was saying. Then the coffee was done, but there was a lip you have to pull the little Dixie cup of coffee out from and I ended up spilling most of it. So I took back the offering of about 3 tablespoons of very milky coffee to David who took a drink and screwed up his face! It was full of sugar!! I tried it and immediately spit it back in the cup and tossed in the garbage.
Then I noticed the man who had been chattering in my ear beckoning me over to the machine. Another gentleman was there servicing the machine and they got me another coffee, no spills, no sugar! 😀

The train ride is only 90 minutes. We arrive in Seville and decided to grab a coffee at the McDonalds and we order some egg mcmuffins. It took over 15 minutes to get the food and they gave me an espresso not americano. The English muffins were soaked in butter, so David just ate the innards of the sandwich.

We a took a taxi to our place. It was pouring! We were met by our host and he took us up to our apartment. Biggest space we have had for some time. Only one floor up. Big windows onto a busy street. There is a big kitchen as well.

We changed, organized ourselves and by that time the the rain had stopped. Out to the city





There is a huge cathedral here. Massive.




Apparently Christopher Columbus’ remains are interred here. There is a huge line up. Perhaps we are churched out, but we just can’t get enthused to stand in a line. So we wander some more, stop for drinks and another bunch of uninspiring tapas from a grumpy waiter. Glass of rosé here and in the next two stops. Nice, but I like our Okanagan rosés more!





We decide to grab a pizza and take it to the roof top deck with our drinks and see the views. My €4.5 bottle of red Tempranillo is pretty good!



I spend the next hour dealing with my iPad memory issues and the multitudes of pics I have stored here. I think have a solution!!!

Off to bed, another busy day tomorrow!


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