If it’s Friday we must be where?

Finally, decent internet! Now I can take up where I left off…

Our last day in Spain.
We both agree that we are perhaps Spain’d out.
We can’t get enthused about churches and cathedrals. We balk at having to queue for anything, and the food has been hit and miss. The wine has been excellent except twice (but perhaps I’m being too critical?), and the beer is always available and is a lager (go ahead, ask David about lager versus ales, but only if you have time!!😛)

It is raining again this morning. David went out and picked up some items last night, so this morning he is making eggs! But no matches to light the stove- had to go back out, fortunately it is just across the street.

A welcome change from restaurant food!


After our regular little cafe americanos, we decide to go for a horse and carriage ride!




Our driver Juilio, takes out to the gardens in the Plaza España. We were here yesterday, but didn’t realise there were so much in the gardens.


We see the sites and get returned to near the cathedral.




We walk down to the riverside hoping to have a drink down there, but turned out it was closed (usual and customary for some business here). There are no shortage of places to go and we end up in an Irish pub. Inside to beat the unexpected heat! We had dressed for rain, which cleared up and became sunny!

A few drinks and then back to the flat. Later we head out for some dinner and post drinks and end up chatting with a lovely man from Leeds. (Why did, “there was a nice man from Leeds, who…” Just pop into my mind? 😃). Making connections for a British trip??

It was a simple day, and we are ready for the next adventure.


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