Albufeira – A Warm Version of Ireland?

Beach day, beach day!!
The internet is awful here Pictures are not loading properly to my iPad. Seems like I am struggling with picture issues over and over again!

Full English breakfast!


Albufeira was a sleepy little fishing village until the British folks found it. Cheap flights from the UK, warm beaches, inexpensive wine and the sunshine has ensured it’s continued popularity. So they cater to the English crowd here. But we are hearing more Irish folks than British!

Down to the beach,, rent some loungers and sun shade.




We spend a lovely day at the beach. The sky seems closer here, but in a friendly way.




A few Irish women moved into the spot next to us. Not at all friendly, in fact down right rude. Smoke blowing in our face, hollering at acquaintances down the beach, listening to their music loudly, and when they finally left, leaving their garbage on the beach! Not indicative of the other Irish folks we chatted with. We called them the herd.

But we had a nice day


Dinner on our way back.

Grilled sardines. Very nice. Fish dishes usually have the heads attached!

We shower, change and head out. It’s a rocking town when the sun goes down




It’s like nothing we have ever seen! Outdoor singalongs in the narrow pedestrian walkways. Mimes, parents out with children, older folks, girls dressed to the nines, cougars dressed for the kill, drunk buddy parties, hawkers of flashing headbands, sellers of roses, you name it, it was wandering along the streets! In fact at one point the aforementioned ‘herd’ sat down at a table beside us! David offered to talk a picture of them and sited while they arranged themselves. Yet no thank you, and the smoke still blew our way. Oh well!

We stayed out, sang along, had some food and more and more drinks.
Back in late and off to bed after some Advil and water!!
We will not get enough sleep before our early start tomorrow!!


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