Portugal – Sunny Day and a Soft Language

An early morning start. A pretty simple and short walk to the bus station. Yes a bus! The only way to get to Albufeira, Portugal from Seville is by bus,unless you want to fly to Faro, and then take a bus.
We thought a horse and buggy ride there would be nice, but perhaps too far for the horse. So here is our carriage.


A little more cramped for space than our last bus ride. It takes 4 hours. I sleep almost immediately and awake when we cross a river into Portugal. It is misty and that is how I now think about Portugal’s borders… Hazy and misty. It brightens quickly, and we are taken with the greenery and red earth



We arrive in Albufeira, Portugal and wander outside to take a taxi down to the town. It is a windy road down and not very close in, so happy for the taxi and not another bus ride.

At the hotel we are trying to wrangle our backpacks and luggage thru the door. The desk clerk is walking by and watches what we are doing, not once does he offer assistance. He checks us in rudely and then tells us the room won't be ready until 2 pm and hands us a key on a large wooden block and directs to the second floor to put our luggage in holding. We head upstairs and find the luggage room tucked into a corner, it is unlocked. So we leave our two main bags and lock the door behind us. Drop off the key to Mr. grumpy pants and head out.
I discover I have lost my Flex Fitbit 😩. Probably knocked it off my wrist getting my backpack on/off.

The views are wow



We grab a bite and a drink. Upon returning to the hotel at 2:15 we are greeted by the same man who obviously doesn’t remember us from 45 minutes ago and are told, no room will be another 20 minutes. We ask for the internet code and settle down in the lobby to wait.
It is almost 3 pm when Mr. Grumpypants notices David pacing and says “oh room is ready now”, then asks our name and gets keys etc. we head up, the room is fine, but the internet is crappy. Slow, doesn’t stream anything. I know, I know, first world problems right?!
We change into bathing suits and head down to the beach. The water is cold, there is a wicked undertow, but it is lovely and refreshing. Nothing beats a day at the beach. Awesome little sand castle plots too!



We stay until the sun starts to fall more and more quickly. Shower, change and out for dinner.


Dinner has us crammed in with a lot of people, but it is tasty and the setting is lovely.


A wander about in the cool evening breeze. Up the outside escalators to see the view of the beach and plaza below




And a picture of one of the sand sculptures lit with candles!

All in all, a lovely day.


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